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A Guide To Stonebridge: A Neighbourhood You Should Know About

The latest in our Developments And Neighbourhoods You Should Know About series, we’re highlighting Stonebridge, a scenic development community built in the Barrhaven area of Ottawa.

Containing about 3,400 homes interspersed across a stunning 18-hole golf course, Stonebridge truly is one of southern Ottawa’s most beautiful development communities, offering a unique connection to nature and the outdoors for its thousands of permanent residents.

To learn more about Stonebridge and why it’s a community we’re always excited to showcase to our clients, please let our guide below paint you a vivid picture of what it’s like to live in this fantastic part of Barrhaven.

Where It Is

The community of Stonebridge is based in Barrhaven, a rapidly expanding suburb of Ottawa, which is about a thirty-minute drive south of the city’s downtown core. If you followed along with Barrhaven’s stretch of Ottawa’s iconic Rideau River, you’d find Stonebridge is located just west of the river banks where the Jock River branches out. Stonebridge’s main through-roads include Jockvale and Greenbank.

While Stonebridge is easily accessible by car via major highways and roadways including Route 73 to the east (which takes you straight into downtown Ottawa) and Veterans Memorial Highway to the west, the community is also accessible by various public OC Transpo routes too.

This includes the 95 bus route that serves Stonebridge itself, the 95 bus route that runs from Jockvale/Cambrian to Half Moon Bay, and the 186 bus route, which runs from Jockvale to Manotick.

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The Homes

The first phase of construction in Stonebridge started as far back as 2002, with the entire first side of the neighbourhood being completed by 2005. Since then, however, Stonebridge has continued to grow, and new-build homes are still being planned and developed within the community.

Whether they were built 20 years ago or yesterday, essentially all of the homes in Stonebridge are spacious, contemporary homes ranging between two and three storeys tall.

From modest two-bedroom walk-up condos to larger five-bedroom detached houses, there’s a decent range when it comes to the size of homes across Stonebridge’s real estate market, which is one of the reasons the planned community is so appealing to such a wide variety of residents.

Unlike some of Ottawa’s other residential developments, which can be prohibitively priced for many buyers, the homes in Stonebridge are typically available at several different price points. Where the homes are located within the development also plays a factor in what they cost.

Those that back directly onto the glamorous 18-hole golf course or a lush stretch of green park space will cost more than the homes that don’t share those same privileges. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home in Stonebridge that isn’t close to nature.

Stonebridge is also unique in that its collection of homes were designed and built by multiple different developers and builders, including Uniform, Monarch Homes, and Cardel, who built a large majority of them. A new phase of construction entitled “The Crown of Stonebridge” is also in the plans to start construction soon, which will be completed by Mattamy Homes.

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What’s Around

From its very first conception, the planned community of Stonebridge has always prioritized that its residents can maintain a close connection with nature. While the developments’ very own 18-hole golf course is the primary point of attention when it comes to the surrounding green space, there are also a number of breathtaking parks within and nearby the community.

A few of the most noteworthy parks and green spaces in the Stonebridge area include:

  • Kilbirnie Park: Featuring an extensive playground containing three structures, a swing set, and a large gazebo alongside an interactive splash pad and multiple water features including sprinklers and jets.
  • Kilbirnie Park Skating Rink: A winter-only skating rink within Kilbirnie Park maintained by community volunteers.
  • W.C. Levesque Park/Stonebridge Trail: An enormous park and trail system spanning over 24 acres of Barrhaven green space along the Jock River. W.C. Levesque Park includes multiple sports and playing fields, a large play structure, four swing sets, and a gazebo.
  • Golflinks Park: Designed for toddlers and smaller children, Golflinks Park contains a climbing structure and swing set among other play features.
  • Orchard Park: Nearly 1 hectare in size, this relatively new park features playground equipment, swing sets, and generous landscaped open green spaces.
  • Tucana Park: A park shared between Stonebridge and the neighbouring Half Moon Bay Community Association, which includes playground features such as a rope climber, slide, and gazebo.

In terms of other local amenities, Stonebridge has the locational benefit of being close to the heart of Barrhaven, where residents can find essentially all of their day-to-day necessities. From groceries to home goods stores to boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes, and all of your essential services, you’ll be sure to find everything you need close by.

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Additionally, most school-aged children who live within Stonebridge have their choice when it comes to Barrhaven’s local schools. Stonebridge’s students are able to attend a wide variety of institutions across multiple different school boards, including the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, French Language Public School Board, Ottawa Catholic School Board, and the French Language Catholic School Board.

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The Community Lifestyle

Needless to say, most people who live in Stonebridge value an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. Whether you’re a lifelong golfer, an avid soccer player, a die-hard cricket addict, or just appreciate a great trail to hike, bike, or run along, there are ample opportunities for residents of Stonebridge to practice their favourite outdoor activities here.

Due to the close proximity of so many parks and natural green spaces, wildlife enthusiasts love living in Stonebridge. Whether you’re a casual wildlife spotter or a full-blown animal-watching aficionado, Stonebridge is a great place to live for those who enjoy seeing creatures in their natural habitats. One of the best spots to look out for critters in the neighbourhood is on the Stonebridge Trail, which runs right along the beautiful Jock River.

Thanks to the active and involved Stonebridge Community Association, there are also a large number of annual community-centric events that are organized for residents to enjoy year-round. These include summer and winter sports leagues for children, festive holiday crafts and vendor shows, public movie viewings, and much more.

No matter where you’re based in Stonebridge, the warm and welcoming community vibes here will no doubt make you feel an important part of the development.

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