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When it comes to real estate developments in Ottawa, there are few that match the quality and prestige of Rideau Forest.

While this Manotick-based residential development is on the upper end of the price spectrum, we believe that Rideau Forest offers its residents and visitors alike a truly unique living experience. Since its opening some years ago, the properties have become increasingly coveted for the luxurious and tranquil lifestyle they provide.

To learn more about Rideau Forest and what it’s like to live in this beautiful character-driven residential development, read our guide here.

Where It Is

If you were to follow Ottawa’s iconic Rideau River south from the capital’s downtown core, by the time you reached the suburb of Manotick you would be just a stone’s throw away from the development site.

Set just east of the Rideau River, Rideau Forest was constructed within a thickly wooded area of this breathtaking natural landscape. Encompassed by tall mature trees, you wouldn’t know the community was there if it weren’t for the quiet country roads that lead into the residential development.

While Rideau Forest very much feels like a magical escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Ottawa, the reality is it’s only a few minutes’ drive away from retail shopping centres and business areas.

What’s There

Once you enter Rideau Forest from any of the bordering main roads, you’ll find a collection of quiet winding residential streets.

The stately homes within Rideau Forest are juxtaposed with impressively large trees, lush greenery, and natural wildlife that line the freshly paved streets.

With manicured parks and natural reserves close by, the area offers a serene environment with amenities close at hand, and strategic proximity to many of Manotick’s most acclaimed local schools and some of the best golf courses in all of Ottawa.

The Homes

When it comes to the properties within Rideau Forest, those who wish to buy pre-construction or re-sale homes will have a selection of a multitude of grand estates, each differing in style, size, design, and functionality.

Or, should you want to fulfill your dream of building a house to your own custom-designed specification, Rideau Forest also offers their more discerning new residents the chance to purchase one of their vacant plots. Each exceeding two acres in size, you new owners can landscape their forested plot of land to their preference.

Each individual estate is serviced with underground hydro, cable, high-speed internet, and natural gas lines.

The Community Lifestyle

Those who live within the community tend to be those who value privacy, seclusion, tranquillity, and, of course, opulent homes. A short tour around the area will leave you thoroughly impressed with the magnitude of the architecturally brilliant homes that make up this development community.

While the members of Rideau Forest generally enjoy a quiet lifestyle, the community-centric village vibe of Manotick is bubbly and full of charm. A warm and welcoming community, Manotick is where local residents will find most of their daily needs. In terms of Ottawa’s many suburbs, there are few friendlier than Manotick.

Has the prospect of living within the serene escape of Rideau Forest captured your imagination? Experience the wonderment of this breathtaking development for yourself, contact us about how to find your dream home today.