Luxury Real Estate Requires Nuance

Although we believe the eye is always in the beholder, and that the price tag should never define the quality of service our clients receive, we do understand that sometimes a higher-priced home requires a little bit extra when it comes to preparation, marketing, and listing. 

We take special care when preparing to sell these unique properties. Our luxury programs are second-to-none and encompass everything here and more.

Customized Marketing Strategy

All of our listing strategies are completely customized whether your home is selling for $5 million or $500,000. However, for our luxury listings, we take marketing to the next level. This often means the highest quality photography including a twilight shoot, videos, virtual tours, and drones, to name a few. 

Royal LePage Carriage Trade

Carriage Trade is eponymous with luxury real estate both in Canada and worldwide. As the world’s number one luxury real estate portal, your home will be marketed and promoted to buyers on a global scale. Simply affiliating your home with the Carriage Trade brand will elevate your property’s appeal to an affluent global audience. 

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate

Known as the premier luxury home search site, gives buyers the chance to search for luxury estates and unique properties. Your home will be seen worldwide by both industry leaders, media, and some of the most discerning buyers on the globe. 

These strategies apply to luxury properties, and will still receive our entire list of services including best-in-class, smooth negotiating, and guidance even outside of the transaction. You can learn more about our overall selling process here.

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

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