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Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families

For as long as we’ve been in the real estate industry, we’ve recognized Ottawa as being a city with some of the best neighbourhoods to raise a family in. Almost nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping our clients and their families relocate to some of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa for family living.

The footprint of our widespread city includes some truly wonderful neighbourhoods ideal for raising a family.

Whether you’re already a large family or just starting to grow, our recommendations on the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa to raise a family below are here to help you plan your family’s future.


Located just southwest of Ottawa’s bustling city centre, Barrhaven is one of Ottawa’s most populous and rapidly expanding suburban neighbourhoods. Though modern Barrhaven wasn’t established until the 1960s, the neighbourhood is now home to about 90,000 residents — including lots of families.

In fact, Barrhaven is now so big that it’s commonly split up into smaller sub-neighbourhoods, with one of those, in particular, catching the attention of many families. The neighbourhood of Stonebridge in southern Barrhaven has been recently celebrated by families for its large lot sizes and safe community atmosphere.

With a few highly ranked local public and Catholic schools in the area, lots of easily accessible businesses and amenities, fantastic access to public transit, and a plethora of outdoor green space and recreational facilities, Barrhaven and Stonebridge are definitely among the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa to raise a family in.

Riverside South

Found just east of Barrhaven on the other side of the Rideau River, Riverside South is another highly coveted neighbourhood in Ottawa for families. What was mostly a rural residential and farmland community up until the early ‘90s, Riverside South has seen major redevelopment and infrastructure over the past few decades.

Riverside South is perfectly set up to welcome a large influx of residents — primarily families.

One of the fastest-growing master-planned neighbourhoods in Ottawa, this community on the shores of the Rideau River has it all. With over 10 public, catholic, and secondary schools already in the neighbourhood alongside plenty of shops, restaurants, and other essential and recreational local amenities, Riverside South has been perfectly planned to welcome new residents.

In the near future, Riverside South also plans to open Limebank Station, a stop on Ottawa’s Trillium LRT Line, that will provide direct transportation into Ottawa’s city centre. Whether you’re a commuter or planning to work within Riverside South, this safe and family-friendly community is one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa for family life.


Venture a little further south along the Rideau River and you’ll find yourself in Manotick, a suburb of Ottawa located about 25 kilometres away from the downtown core. A classic commuter town of about 5,000 residents, Manotick’s easily accessible highways leading into Ottawa’s city centre means those who work downtown but want to live a quieter, more spacious suburban or rural lifestyle enjoy life in Manotick.

Within the village of Manotick, you’ll find many local businesses and artisans that thrive off of the small community population and feel Manotick provides. And, with a diverse selection of local attractions, amenities, and recreational facilities, and schools, this Ottawa neighbourhood has everything a family needs to live and work right here in Manotick.

If you’re on the search for a home that feels appropriately sized for your growing family, this is one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa to find one.


Located about 16 kilometres east of Manotick, the community of Greely is another one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa to raise a family in. Previously part of the Township of Osgoode, the suburban-rural neighbourhood of Greely was amalgamated into the City of Ottawa in 2001 when a rapid rise in population growth and residential dwellings began here.

While the population still hasn’t reached 10,000 residents yet, Greely’s planned communities are certainly prepared to handle a continued increase in population. With what seems like constant improvements and developments to residential, commercial, and recreational establishments in Greely, this village community has its sights set on a bright future.

For families, this can only mean good things. With safe streets, large homes, well-rated schools, plentiful open green space and recreational facilities, and a breezy commute to downtown Ottawa, Greely is a perfect example of a family-friend neighbourhood in Ottawa.

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