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Manotick Long Island development

With a rich and storied history and an aspirational modern-day lifestyle, Manotick Long Island is, as the name suggests, an island and also a coveted neighbourhood that deserves all the headlines and acclaim.

As your local Ottawa real estate experts and longtime residents of Manotick, we want to introduce you to this charming neighbourhood.

To learn more about the origins of this marvelous community, the types of homes you can expect to find  there, and how you can spend more time on the island, our guide to Manotick Long Island is here to inform you.

Where It Is

As its name suggests, Manotick Long Island is located within the community of Manotick. Located less than a half-hour drive away from downtown Ottawa, Manotick is a beautiful rural-suburban town, with a historic village centre, and is a place that we know and love dearly.

Flowing from south to north and eventually feeding into the Ottawa River is one of Ottawa’s most recognized rivers, the Rideau River. Our beloved Rideau River runs straight through the heart of Manotick – and this is where you’ll find Manotick Long Island.

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The History Of Manotick Long Island

The storied little isle of Manotick Long Island located directly in the centre of Manotick’s stretch of the Rideau River is home to many recognizable Manotick landmarks. In fact, the island itself is somewhat of a landmark in its own right.

Originally founded as the village of Long Island Locks in 1833, the island was actually home to the first settlement within what is known as Manotick today. Early residents of the island used the natural power of the Rideau River to build a lock station as well as run flour mills, grist mills, sawmills, and other water-powered mills while the rest of the island community grew around them.

Today, there are precious few of the many historical buildings and structures from that early 19th-century era that still exist. While architectural evidence of the community that once brought the island fame and recognition is scarce, modern industry and investment have made Manotick Long Island a highly desirable place to live.

There’s no better example of the island’s modern opulence and standards of living than the neighbourhood of Manotick Long Island.

This exclusive neighbourhood plays somewhat of an homage to the island’s rich history while also making it possible for its lucky residents to enjoy the luxuries of modern life. Trust us when we say that living in one of the many beautiful homes within the neighbourhood feels far away from life in 1833.

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The Homes

While almost any real estate listing on Manotick Long Island is bound to stir up some healthy competition among buyers who want to live the Long Island lifestyle, there’s still a diverse range of property types and entry prices for homes.

Most of the properties on the island are classified as single family detached homes. Whether they’re hidden away in more serene, heavily wooded parts of the island or located on a more populous suburban-style street, the homes here usually have plenty of space to accommodate large or growing families.

Many of the properties on the island that are waterfront-facing or located in more private parts of Manotick Long Island tend to fetch prices approaching and well into the seven figure price bracket.

As far as the island’s older or inland-facing homes are concerned, they can commonly be found listed for prices within the more palatable $600,000 to $900,000 range too.

Our insider’s tip for waterfront seekers looking to keep their budget below $1,000,000?  Explore the possibilities of waterfront homes on the back channel of the Rideau River. Located on the west side of the Island, flowing north of Watson’s Mill, the back channel offers sections of shallow rapids and the waterway is suitable for paddle boarding or kayaking – but it can not accommodate large motor boats. Asking prices here can start as low as the $700,000 to $800,000 price range.

No matter what type of property you might be looking for or the price range you might be shopping with, we’re confident we can help you find a home on the island that perfectly suits your needs. See how we can help you find your Manotick Long Island dream home here.

The Community Lifestyle

Communities that are near a body of water always seem to offer their residents a lifestyle that is calming and tranquil. And Manotick Long Island is no different.

Those who live on Manotick Long Island are generally very relaxed and down-to-earth people. When it comes to the islands’ favourite amenities and pastimes, those are pretty quintessential waterfront activities too. From fishing to canoeing and kayaking to boating and many other recreational activities, you’ll find lots of local hobbyists practicing their favourite riverfront activities on the island. For those who don’t have direct access to the river in their backyard, there are public boat launches and parks for the community to take advantage of. Another leisure option for those who love swimming is the local pool available for swimming to members – the Long Island Aquatic Club.

Or, if you prefer to stay dry, there are several charming parks and green spaces available to enjoy, not least of which is the expansive David Bartlett Park found at the island’s northern tip. Pick up a snack at one of the incredible food trucks on Bridge Street and spend an afternoon at the park.

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