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For luxury buyers, Ottawa has a lot to offer. In addition to breathtaking historic and modern properties, Ottawa is bursting with upscale amenities, natural beauty and rich cultural experiences. 

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous heritage home, a modern condo or expansive custom-built property, Nation’s Capital has something for you. 

Here are our picks for Ottawa’s best luxury neighbourhoods. 

Rockcliffe Park

Located to the northeast of downtown Ottawa in the Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward, Rockcliffe Park is a prestigious riverside neighbourhood. Known for its incredible scenery, rich history and opulent homes, Rockcliffe Park is undoubtedly one of the Capital Region’s most sought-after communities. Over the past century, countless high-profile figures have called the area home, including past prime ministers, international diplomats, actors and even the Dutch Royal Family. 

Uniquely, Rockcliffe Park is a luxury neighbourhood that has resisted gentrification, and won’t be seeing it anytime soon. As a designated Heritage Conservation District, the neighbourhood is guaranteed to retain its historic atmosphere through protection measures and development restrictions. As a result, housing in Rockcliffe Park is primarily older detached homes. 

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Westboro Village

If you’re an Ottawa local, you’ve likely heard the buzz about Westboro in recent years. As one of Ottawa’s most eclectic neighbourhoods, Westboro is an enjoyable place to live or visit. Boutique shopping, trendy dining experiences and exceptional nightlife are only a few of the things Westboro has to offer. 

Over the past decade, Westboro has been steadily gentrifying as more luxury buyers move into the area. As a result, local amenities are getting an upgrade too. These improvements have caused the neighbourhood to continue swelling in popularity, making the area increasingly dense. 

The neighbourhood’s popularity has brought plenty of new developments to the area. Upscale housing in Westboro ranges from purpose-built rentals to condos, townhomes and modern detached houses. 


Located beyond Ottawa city limits, Manotick is one of the Capital Region’s oldest communities. Despite maintaining a low profile for several decades, Manotick has exploded in popularity in past years, making it one of the most sought-after Ottawa neighbourhoods. 

Like Westboro, Manotick is home to some seriously great amenities such as dining and shopping. However, what makes Manotick stand out is its scenic beauty and wide-open space. If you’re looking for a luxury home that takes inspiration from the natural landscape, Manotick is perfect for you. Upscale housing in the area generally ranges from beautiful historic properties to sprawling modern homes. 

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Rideau Forest 

Despite being one of the more recently developed areas on this list, Rideau Forest has become one of the most prestigious and sought-after neighbourhoods for high-end buyers over the last few decades. Tucked between lush evergreen trees along Manotick’s eastern edge, this exclusive development offers residents unmatched privacy, natural beauty and opulent modern homes. 

Of course, while residents of Rideau Forest will enjoy scenic seclusion, the shops and restaurants of downtown Manotick are just a short drive away. As a younger area tailored to upscale residents, housing in Rideau Forest is virtually all custom modern homes. 

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The Glebe

The Glebe’s central location, distinct character and vast attractions have made it one of the city’s most desired communities for many years. Situated beside both the Rideau Canal and Aberdeen Pavilion, The Glebe is a distinctly Ottawa neighbourhood. The neighbourhood’s cosmopolitan energy makes it perfect for luxury buyers who want to be close to the action. The Glebe’s many attractions make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Some of the Capital Region’s best shopping, dining and nightlife experiences can be found in The Glebe.

As a historically popular area, housing in The Glebe is diverse. For affluent buyers, options range from modern condos and custom houses to historic detached homes. 

Upscale Living in the Capital

As a global city, Ottawa’s cultural highlights are second to none. At the National Arts Centre, patrons can catch a variety of world-class performances ranging from English and Francophone theatre to dance and opera. Across the city, you’ll also find five-star dining experiences, unmatched nightlife and endless other amenities. 

While the neighbourhoods on this list cater well to luxury buyers, they can be fairly diverse in housing and demographics overall. If you’re relocating to Ottawa, connecting with a real estate agent who has experience in the luxury market is a great way to discover the local highlights. Alongside offering great recommendations, they can also help you find the perfect home for your lifestyle. 

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