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In a diverse and dynamic housing market like Ottawa, selling luxury real estate requires a nuanced approach. 

If you’re looking to achieve a swift and successful luxury home sale, you’ll want to do your due diligence in finding the right agent to work with. We have decades of experience selling high-end and traditional homes in Ottawa and have unique insights to help you with this process. 

Here are a few essential questions to ask a real estate agent before you hire them to sell your home. 

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How Long Have You Been in Business?

Every year new real estate agents enter the profession, and while it’s great to see our industry grow, there’s no substitute for real-world experience – especially when it comes to the nuances of selling a luxury home. In Ottawa, market trends can change at the drop of a hat. By working with an agent who has experience selling homes under a wide range of conditions, you’ll be set up for success regardless of what the market throws your way. 

Tell Me About Your Specific Experience Selling Luxury Properties 

While an agent who has experience selling traditional homes is great, one that has several luxury home sales under their belt is even better. From pre-listing preparations to marketing, negotiations and closing the deal, luxury real estate requires a refined and specialized approach. 

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What’s Your Approach to Pricing?

In luxury real estate, setting an asking price requires a thoughtful approach. Rather than simply determining market value, getting the best possible return for your home requires a compelling and competitive pricing strategy. Once again, this is an area where having expertise in luxury homes is essential. 

Following a thorough home evaluation, a high-quality agent will recommend a strategic asking price based on up-to-date trends from both traditional and luxury markets, as well as any unique factors pertaining to the home itself. 

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How Would You Prepare My Home for the Market?

While your home is perfectly tailored to your needs and tastes, there are always some upgrades that can be made to improve its market performance. Affluent buyers have distinctive tastes, and as your target buyer audience, you’ll want to take every opportunity to impress them. Whether it’s a deep clean and declutter, small repairs, or more substantial upgrades, pre-market preparations are an essential step in optimizing the sale of your home. 

After discussing what they can do to maximize your home’s appeal and exposure, ask about how they will deliver on their plan. An established and well-connected luxury agent will have a network of local tradespeople and industry professionals to help you through this stage. 

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Tell Me About Your Marketing Strategies

In addition to amplifying your home’s exposure, a thoughtful advertising strategy will also ensure it captures buyer interest in a way that encourages motivated offers. Beginning with high-quality, professionally shot photos and videos, a sharp marketing plan will include a wide range of both print materials and digital formats. 

Can You Market My Home on a Global Scale?

In some cases, advertising your home to international buyers may be an effective way to optimize your sale. While potentially beneficial, effectively marketing your luxury home on a global scale requires niche resources and expertise. From international agency partnerships to translating marketing materials, organizing showings across different time zones, and more – not every agent will be able to provide this service. 

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