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Waterfront Properties Ottawa River

With direct access to some of Ontario’s most celebrated lakes, rivers, streams, and waterways, it’s easy to see why waterfront properties in Ottawa are in high demand.

Whether they’re lakeside cottage getaways or river-facing condos downtown, there has been a perpetual desire among buyers to own waterfront property in Ottawa for as long as we’ve worked in real estate. But what is it about Ottawa’s waterfront properties that make them so desirable, and where are the best places to find them?

Read our introductory guide to waterfront properties in Ottawa here to find out everything you need to know.

Why Waterfront?

The obvious motivation for homebuyers to seek out properties located near or overlooking natural bodies of water is for lifestyle purposes.

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of cresting waves or to watch the setting sun dip below a lake’s horizon. And, for avid boaters or water sports enthusiasts, living by the waterfront can afford you unfettered access to your favourite hobbies.

Whatever your personal reasons for living by the waterfront are, there are some undeniable advantages in terms of waterfront real estate too. In most cases, buying a property on or close to the waterfront is a good investment in real estate. In general, waterfront properties are both high in demand and typically have a high appreciation rate.

The Ottawa River

Serving as the border between Ontario and Quebec, the Ottawa River flows east to west along Ottawa’s northern shores and is home to some of the most spectacular waterfront properties in the city.

If you prefer to stay closer to downtown Ottawa, there are a number of luxurious river-facing condo units available close to the city centre. Or, head further west toward Dunrobin to find spacious cottages for sale in the more laid-back rural communities.

The Rideau River

Starting over 146 kilometres south of downtown Ottawa, the Rideau River flows north all the way up to its mouth at the Ottawa River. As this long-winding river passes through many of our most loved Ottawa communities, you’re never short of choice when it comes to the variety of waterfront properties available along the Rideau River.

From spectacular high-rise condos that overlook the river closer to downtown to the more suburban lakeside single family homes towards the south of the city, there are lots of fantastic waterfront properties to choose from near the Rideau River.

Or, should you be interested in something with a little more ‘wow factor,’ the private development of Manotick Long Island sits on a small patch of land right in the middle of the Rideau River across from the community of Manotick. Here you’ll find a collection of  expansive waterfront properties with everything from traditional cottage-style residences to sprawling, luxurious homes.

Lakeside Cottages

While the Ottawa and Rideau rivers are perhaps the most well-known bodies of water in Ottawa, you’d be remiss to forget about mentioning the wide array of smaller lakes and streams dispersed across the greater Ottawa area.

There are the bigger, more popular lakes like Calabogie Lake, White Lake, Big Rideau Lake, and Mississippi Lake that are all a bit of a drive away from central Ottawa. Or, there’s the abundance of smaller, more private lakes closer to Ottawa that also house lots of waterfront properties too.

Are you on the search for that perfect waterfront property in Ottawa? As lifelong Ottawa residents and local real estate experts, we can help you find it. All you need to do is let us know what your dream home looks like here.