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As a professional real estate team in Ottawa, home inspections are a regular part of our daily jobs. However, it still doesn’t surprise us to hear from clients who have little-to-no knowledge about home inspections and what they’re for.

Home inspections have traditionally been a crucial part of the real estate process.

Recently the regulations surrounding home inspections in Ottawa and Ontario have been revised, we’ve put together our complete guide to what you need to know about home inspections here.

What Are Home Inspections?

As the name suggests, a home inspection is an objective, in-depth analysis of a home — specifically, a home’s current condition and working functions — done by a qualified and licensed home inspector.

Home inspectors non-intrusively analyze entire homes from top to bottom, depending on the type of home. Home inspections typically include visual analysis of a home’s exterior conditions, foundation and structural integrity, HVAC systems, home electrical systems, technical appliances, floors, windows, walls, and ceilings, and other important areas including crawl spaces and drainage pipes.

In short, home inspectors look at almost every component of a home to determine its current condition and structural integrity.

What Are They For?

As stated above, home inspections analyze the current condition and structural integrity of a home but can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

Both sellers and buyers, and occasionally homeowners, will request a professional home inspection to assure the overall quality and condition of a home for assurance purposes ahead of a real estate transaction.

If a home receives the seal of approval from a qualified home inspector, then real estate transactions are generally much easier and quicker to move through.

When Do I Need One?

Usually, home inspections are completed by the buying party to ensure that their new house is up-to-scratch before they finalize the deal.

With this fast paced market, some sellers may choose to do a pre-inspection to disclose the status of the home ahead of receiving an offer, in hopes of securing an unconditional offer.

How Do I Find A Home Inspector?

Whether you already know of someone, have had an inspector recommended to you, or are actively searching for one, the most important detail you need to keep top-of-mind when choosing a home inspector is their qualifications.

As of Ontario’s Home Inspection Act of 2017, home inspectors must meet a minimum set of standards outlining basic industry qualifications and designations to inspect a home professionally.

Under the new regulations, anyone inspecting a home must be licensed and insured, which you can learn more about directly from the official Ontario Association of Home Inspectors website.

If you’re not sure where to start, our recommendation is to contact a local, trustworthy real estate representative to help put you in touch with a home inspector they personally use and rely on.

If you’re on the search for an honest and qualified home inspector, let us help connect you with one of the many we work with on a daily basis. To learn more about home inspections in Ottawa, or any other real estate-related topics, contact us here to start a conversation today.