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The Benefits of Downsizing at the Right Time

Do you often find yourself wandering the empty rooms of your house, wondering where the time went? Perhaps the children have grown up and moved out, leaving you with years of precious memories. When the thought of selling comes up, it can make you feel nostalgic or even a bit sad. Walking away from the place you called home is never easy, especially if you have lived there for many years. But you know it in your heart of hearts: The time for change has come. 

Moving to a smaller home can also be the beginning of an exciting new adventure.

Imagine what your life would look like if you didn’t have to spend so much time on cleaning and maintenance? Not only would you have less stress in your life, but you’d also have more time to do what you’ve always wanted. Downsizing can lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders and leave you with more money to enjoy your life.

The possibilities for your new life are endless.

Here is a list of options to help you decide on your next step. 

Downsize to a smaller home in the city.

Downtown Ottawa is one of the most unique cities in Canada. It’s easy to fall in love with its magnificent views of gorgeous, historic buildings. There are stunning parks, museums and unique shops, all within easy walking distance. You can stay in the heart of the action and downsize in the city, close to the things you know and the people you love. The only difference is you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time exploring!

Even though we are in a strong seller’s market all over Canada, Ottawa has countless properties available at any given time. A compassionate and experienced real estate agent can help you find an affordable home that’s right for you.

Want to get an idea of what homes and condos are available right now? Check out our listings here.

You can get away to a smaller, quieter area.

If you love the Capital City but often wish you could get away from the hustle and bustle, there are many underrated communities close by. 

These charming neighbourhoods have become popular tourist destinations for people all over. What’s it like living a little outside of the city? 

Think of natural wonders, beautiful parks and breathtaking hiking trails along the river. Now realize that you’ve only begun to scratch the surface!

Many of these smaller communities are economic powerhouses in their own right, giving you the best of both worlds. You get the calm and tranquillity of being away from the city. When you crave excitement, there are restaurants, museums and specialty shops to browse. You’ll never run out of adventures to enjoy with your friends and family.

Merrickville, Osgoode and Kemptville are just a few of these beautiful, growing towns. Intrigued? Here’s Everything you need to know about rural living in Ottawa. 

Independent senior living

One of the biggest worries about downsizing and moving away is the question, “Will I be lonely?”

Ottawa’s senior living communities can provide an active lifestyle with community support. 

These facilities are bright, modern and perfect for the young at heart. Meal prep and weekly cleaning services give you more time to do the things you love. 

Whether you want to stay on-site or venture out, you’ll never run out of activities or friends to share your experiences with.

Want to know what protocols are in place to keep you safe? Read our guide to Retirement living in Ottawa.

Preparing for your next phase

Now that you have an idea of what your next step might be, it’s time to get to work and get ready for your big move. If you don’t know where to start, it helps to break it down into smaller steps that you can take day by day.

Start by organizing and decluttering.

It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate when living in a large family home for several years. When the children move out, you end up with more storage space for items you no longer need. Some are treasured keepsakes that you want to hold on to; others are things you can let go of. 

Donation centers will happily receive gently-used clothing, cookware, books, and toys. You can be happy to know that another family is enjoying the items you no longer need.

The more time you spend organizing and decluttering, the less stress you’ll have when it’s time to pack up for your next phase.

Take stock of your finances.

Do you know how much your current home is worth in this market? It may be more than you think. Detached family homes are in short supply right now, and buyers are willing to pay more for the extra space. You can also add to the value of your home with minor upgrades, like a fresh coat of paint and beautiful staging.

Do you want to get a better sense of what your home is worth?
Book a free, no-obligation Home Worth Assessment today.

Once you know what you’re likely to get for your current property, it’s time to see how much you’ll need for your next home. 

This handy tool shows what you can afford on your new home without sacrificing your lifestyle: Mortgage cost calculator

Taking the first step toward downsizing may feel daunting at first. 

However, you’ll have more money, less cleaning and less stress in your life. All the time once spent worrying will now be available for living your life to the fullest.

Ottawa and the surrounding area has so much to offer when it comes time to downsize your home. From the hopping downtown core to the peaceful but convenient outside communities, there is something for every lifestyle. Discover more about Ottawa here.