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Retirement Living Ottawa

With the presence of COVID-19, seniors and their loved-ones may be hesitant about making a change in living arrangements. Although it may seem safer to stay in your current home, retirement communities can also offer extensive health and safety protocols, onsite amenities and services, healthcare, meal preparation, and social activities that living alone may not provide. 

We spoke with Neil Gorman, the Executive Director at The Court at Barrhaven Independent Living Community, and learned how retirement communities are making it safe to make the move.

Health and Safety Protocols – how have these been updated with COVID -19?
Residents are practicing social distancing, mask-wearing and alternate floor dining. This means half of residents will eat in the dining hall on one day, while the other half have their meals delivered and vice versa for the next day.  Residents are temperature-screened twice a day and asked a series of questions.  Guests and staff are required to wear proper PPE at all times are screened as well.


Tour Protocols – What options do potential residents and their families have for taking a tour of your residence?

 Francine Nadeau, our Community Sales Director, has come up with a new way to visit by offering a virtual tour which may be viewed from the comfort of their own home.  We are offering curbside pickup as well for anyone who wishes to take home a delicious meal.  Here is a link to a virtual tour of our community.


Onsite Services – How are onsite services and amenities making it easier for seniors to stay-home and get everything they require?

Working alongside our partnered pharmacy, residents may order any medications they require, which are delivered weekly by the pharmacy.  Residents families often drop off any extra grocery needs that we deliver to the resident’s rooms.  Our kitchen serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day to all residents.  Our 3rd party care provider, Ottawa Home Care, is located right in our building.  Residents may stay safe at home with access to any care they may need onsite.

Help with Moving – can you suggest any businesses that will help seniors with downsizing/moving if they do not have assistance from loved ones, or require special services?

Darling Solutions and Systems N’ Spaces are a few companies that can help ease the stress of a move.  These companies have been working with seniors for many years and are highly recommended.


Social Activities – Living alone during the pandemic can be an isolating experience. What social activities are available for seniors during the pandemic at the Court at Barrhaven ? 

Amy Ryan, our director of activities, has implemented social distance activities such as exercises. Bean bag toss, trivia games, brain teasers, and a weekly happy-hour cart (a fun theme-based dessert cart) with themes like ‘Winterlude’ and ‘Wine O’clock’

If you or your loved one is considering making a change at this time, our team can help guide you and answer all of your questions and concerns.

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