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Greely Neighbourhood Guide
While still small in population and modest in size, the suburban village of Greely is gaining popularity in the real estate market. Greely is a suburban-rural community found just south of Ottawa in the Osgoode Ward has started rapidly expanding.

Due to its close proximity to downtown Ottawa and its current relatively low house prices, Greely is becoming an attractive community for both commuters and new residents to the greater Ottawa area.

We see big things on the horizon for Greely, and we think you will too. Learn about why we’re excited about the village of Greely in our neighbourhood guide below.

The Neighbours

As an increasing amount of Ottawa’s office workers are now able to work remotely, we’re seeing a large trend of downtown residents relocating to surrounding areas like Greely in search of larger properties at a  reasobable cost.

The Amenities

Residents of the Water’s Edge community are within walking distance of the new Greely Village Centre, and many of the lakeside communities have local amenities within them for residents of that community.

The Greely Village Centre is currently home to Metcalfe Family Dental, Cooper Physiotherapy Clinic, a 24 hour Foodland and its in-store LCBO, Dollarama, Pet Value, Pharmasave, Medical Clinic, A&W and Greely Optometry.

Keep an eye out for the planned expansion of the Greely Village Centre at 6075 Bank Street, where a 6,000 square foot retail building is currently under construction.

Getting Around

Being a suburban-rural area, the best way to get around Greely is by car. Like most surrounding areas, you won’t find too much foot traffic in Greely, especially away from any of its main roads and businesses.

For those who enjoy biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing, Greely has a few attractive trails and paths in the local area as well.

The Homes

Much like most small towns and villages in the greater Ottawa area, the homes in Greely are predominantly detached single family houses, though some townhomes can be found off Old Prescott Road. Greely’s real estate market features a wide range of homes in different sizes, prices, and styles, and as the area continues to see rapid development, more modern homes frequently become available.

As Greely grows and expands, that could change to accommodate even more commuters, young singles and couples in the near future.


Are you looking to join the rapidly-growing community of Greely? As local real estate experts, our team can help you get started. Contact us here, and then look at what’s currently available in Greely on our listings page here.