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Vegan Restaurants Ottawa

Although recent Province-wide lockdown restrictions may have tightened once again — at least for the next month or so — at The Wright Team, we still believe it’s vitally important to support local businesses in our communities as much as possible.

And when it comes to Ottawa’s thriving and vibrant food scene, supporting local businesses isn’t very difficult for us foodies at all. In this edition of our Ottawa Restaurants Guide, we’re highlighting our favourite vegan restaurants in Ottawa.

Whether you’re stuck at home and need to order in, or are reading this at a time when our local eateries and restaurants are permitted to open their doors once again, use our guide to our favourite vegan restaurants in Ottawa here to help you choose your next plant-based meal.

Pure Kitchen

As Ottawa food enthusiasts, we couldn’t start off this guide without mentioning Pure Kitchen — one of our most favourite vegan restaurants in Ottawa. In fact, there’s more than just one, there are four Pure Kitchen locations across our city, situated on Elgin Street, Richmond Road, Preston Street, and Terry Fox Drive.

While each location has its own unique vibe and atmosphere, the Pure Kitchen philosophy (and cuisine) is the same across each restaurant. Pure Kitchen offers a wide variety of plant-based sandwiches, burgers, bowls, and beverages available for dine-in or takeout, along with a collection of tempting desserts, including the divine Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

To get your next vegan fix from pure Kitchen, you can place your order online here, or via telephone here.

The Green Door

First established in 1988, The Green Door is the oldest and perhaps most well-known vegan restaurant in Ottawa — and for good reason. This take-out-only restaurant continues to serve up some of Ottawa’s most delicious plant-based and organic food, all made from scratch.

Located at 198 Main Street in Old Ottawa’s east end, this neighbourhood favourite has kept its menu current, offering a sumptuous array of vegan-friendly meals. Some of The Green Door fan-favourites include the Tofu Broccoli Stir Fry, Chickpea Curry Bowl, and Crispy Veggie Bhajis, all of which keep their loyal clientele returning for more.

Whether you’ve tried The Green Door before or are looking for a new plant-based spot to try out, you can order online from their full take-out menu here.


Located at 40 Adeline Street in Ottawa’s trendy The Glebe neighbourhood, Alice are a contemporary vegetable and fermentation-focused restaurant that offers one of the most interesting (and delectable) vegan restaurant experiences in Ottawa.

Run by the award-winning Chef Briana Kim, Alice offers an eight-course blind tasting menu, paired expertly with wine and fermented juice pairings. Although Alice does use ingredients that walk the line of what’s considered vegan and what isn’t (see: Bee Pollen Garum) this Ottawa restaurant is undeniably plant-based in ethos and practice.

With the current lockdown limitations in mind, Alice has pivoted to offer their mystery juices and ferments in take-home format while dining in is not an option. However, when limitations are lifted, Alice’s fine dining experience is a can’t-miss for foodies and vegans alike.

Normally open from Wednesday to Saturday, you can now order Alice’s mystery juices and ferments online here when available. Follow their Instagram page to see when the next drop is!

Little Jo Berry’s

To finish off our humble little menu of vegan restaurants in Ottawa, we thought it was appropriate to highlight one vegan restaurant that takes desserts and sweet treats to the next level — Little Jo Berry’s.

Found at 1305 Wellington Street West in Ottawa’s Wellington Village neighbourhood, Little Jo Berry’s offers some of the most delectable vegan-friendly baking you’ll find anywhere in town. While Little Jo Berry’s also caters to those looking for something savoury, it’s their revered baked goods that we crave time and time again.

Everything from their Gluten-Free Cookie Sandwiches to their Two-Layer Cakes and Surprise Cookie Boxes can be found and ordered from their online shop here and is available for curbside pick-up and local delivery on select days.

Are you craving more than just Ottawa’s delicious vegan-friendly food? To learn more about the best of what Ottawa has to offer and how you can join us permanently in Canada’s exciting and eclectic capital, reach out to a member of our team here.