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We all remember being asked  “Did you make your bed this morning?!”  when it wasn’t really a question, but an order!  And all these years later, the command is never more important as  when trying to sell your home.

The way our beds are made is one of, if not the most important things  we need to do when trying to sell a home.  And there ARE rules… Just because a bed may look made, doesn’t mean its made correctly –  or more importantly conveying the right message to buyers. The biggest trick when listing a home is to keep the bedding as neutral  as possible. Replace busy dark, floral, or plaid patterned comforters.  White bedding subconsciously tell buyers that the space is calm and  clean. It’s like when we go into a hotel. If we see a lush crisp clean white bed we  want to jump right onto it. If we see a dark dated quilt our mind starts to  wonder what kind of gross history of stains it’s hiding. There is a subconscious emotional pull to clean  non-busy patterns that will help buyers feel calm and comfortable in  your space.

Another thing to pay attention to is what your bed is saying. Our beds speak a language. If a coverlet is pulled all the way up over the pillows, the bed  just looks like one big tarped off square. It’s un-inviting and only tells  buyers “Don’t touch me!. I’m a made bed!”.  The trick is to create layers by turning down your top cover.  Psychologically making the bed appear more open and inviting. It tells  buyers “Hey! Come right up. Dive on in! I’m super cozy.”  Finally, almost like the cherry on top, is how we arrange the pillows.  Instead of leaving them to fall flat (literally and figuratively) we want to  prop them up. This will give the illusion of fullness. By creating layers  with the pillows we are giving the bed texture and warmth. Now we don’t  need to go crazy with decorative pillows but tierring them down into a  point is the perfect way to give the bed balance and symmetry.  So here are the 3 bed must-do’s if you want buyers to fall in love with  your bedroom:  1. Calm down that comforter with a white duvet or neutral throw  2. Fold down the top sheet to make the bed appear more inviting  3. Prop-up and layer your pillows cascading down into a point.

Even if not listing your home. Try these simple techniques and see how it  can transform your bedroom into a calm and tranquil space.  Happy bed making!

Article written by Greg at FourthWall Interiors. Visit for all your professional home staging and decor advice and needs.