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In most home sales, the seller will be responsible for paying the agreed upon commission for the Listing Agent (the real estate agent representing you, the seller) and the Selling Agent (the real estate agent representing the buyer). This is standard for real estate contracts in Ontario and will be outlined in greater detail in the Confirmation of Co-operation, between you and your real estate professional.

Potential Renovations

Before your home is market ready, you may need to undertake some home renovations. Include the costs of these potential renovations in your budget.


At minimum, a fresh coat of paint on the outside and inside of your home will be necessary.

Legal Fees

Though legal fees are generally less for a seller compared to those paid by a buyer, it will still be necessary for you to hire the services of a real estate lawyer.

Moving Costs

Moving costs can vary depending on where you are moving to, whether you are hiring professional movers, or undertaking the move yourself.

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