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It is fair to say that The Wright Team are dog mad and slightly obsessed with our four legged friends. So while we agree that your pets are adorable and make us want to weep with joy, there are some steps all pet parents should take in preparing their home for the market.

If you have a pet of any species, here are some important items to address when you are getting your home ready:

→ Deep Clean! Before putting your home on the market, carpets and rugs should be carefully vacuumed and steam cleaned, windows checked for doggy nose marks, and the home carefully cleaned from top to bottom to remove any animal hair or odours.

→ Repair! Sometimes our loveable pets can be hard on our homes, be sure to repair or replace anything your beloved furchild has “renovated” to their liking – this could include chewed baseboards, pulled rugs, scratched walls and more!

→ Bathrooms! We know your pets need one too! Ensure theirs is clean, whether it’s the back yard, a litter box, or a cage – make certain your pets “loo” is cleaned and refreshed prior to listing, and before each showing  or open house.

→ Exotic Pets! If you have an exotic pet like “Sid the Snake” speak to us before we list so we can make a plan to avoid surprising any buyers with a phobia.

We can advise you on taking the right steps to obtain the highest price for your home and it will be worth your while!

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