Most people don’t buy and sell real estate more than a handful of times in their lifetime, and with ever changing market trends and conditions, even the most Real Estate savvy seller depends on an experienced Real Estate Team to guide them through the process.

From start to finish, our goal is to ensure each client’s needs are met and exceeded from the first evaluation meeting, through to the completion of a sale and beyond. Our job is not only to get your home listed and marketed, but to be a support and information system through the process.

We are particularly skilled at helping with big decisions, providing advice on anything from paint or colour selections to staging or situational troubleshooting. We have a trusted list of trades and professionals to recommend to our clients for anything from well and septic, wet basement or rodents in the attic, to a simple handyman fix or trustworthy house cleaner.

When it comes around to receiving an offer on your property, not only are we expert negotiators, but we are also experienced at working through difficult transactions.

Unfortunately not all sales are trouble free and being skilled at finding solutions to satisfy all parties to keep a complicated sale moving forward is something we pride ourselves on.
While the big things are important, we are also a detail-oriented team and focus on the fine print. We feature everything from seasonally updated photos to dimensions and detailed descriptions for every nook in your house. We will ensure feature sheets for both the client and their agent are available for showings. We are also quick to provide answers to inquiring buyers or agents.

Beyond the listing period, once your home is sold, we will ensure your lawyer and bank are kept abreast of the transaction, and will act as your concierge right through to closing to ensure your move and closing are smooth as can be.

We are highly aware of the pace at which things can change in our profession and like all of our clients to know that if there is ever anything we could do differently to enhance their experience we encourage and appreciate the feedback. We know “one size” does not actually “fit all” and as such are always striving to tailor our service to fit your needs.