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A full kitchen renovation is costly, time-consuming, and just generally a huge hassle—and for renters, it’s definitely not worth it. Luckily, in the age of Pinterest, there’s no shortage of ideas to mine for easy and affordable DIY projects that can spruce up your kitchen for almost no time or effort. One of the easiest ways you can make a change? Upgrading the look of your backsplash. Here are some of our favorite easy Pinterest DIY kitchen backsplash ideas for brightening your space.

Black and white vinyl pinwheel backsplash DIY
Before this kitchen had boring white tile, but added black vinyl gives the appearance of a tiled pinwheel pattern.

1) Use a Stick-On Vinyl Backsplash

A popular (and affordable) way to change the look of a backsplash that you’ll find on Pinterest is to apply adhesive vinyl in decorative patterns. Blogger Brynne Delerson of the Gathered Home used her existing white square-tiled backsplash as a base and applied durable black vinyl triangles (normally used to make signs and vehicle lettering) in a pinwheel pattern. Her formerly boring white tile now looks like a mosaic of black and white tile, with no major construction involved! Vinyl is also a great option if you’re indecisive or don’t want to commit to one backsplash for an extended period of time—it peels off easily without residue. Best of all, this whole project took less than a day!

Black and White Pinwheel Backsplash DIY
Use adhesive vinyl and apply it in creative patterns to spruce the look of your backsplash.Photo by Brynne Delerson
Gray and white vinyl patterned backsplash
The quatrefoil design on this backsplash is actually an adhesive vinyl applied over gray paint.

First, she painted the wall around her backsplash gray, then she measured and cut the adhesive vinyl and applied it after the paint had dried. Anderson actually sells the backsplash on her Etsy shop and has samples you can try for only a few bucks.

Geometric Gray and White Painted Backsplash
You can create a geometric pattern using stencils that mimics the look of patterned tile.Photo by Myra Hope

2. Paint Your Existing Backsplash

One of the simplest ways to add an instant pop of color or brightness to your backsplash is to simply paint over the existing tile or drywall. This can be as simple as painting a dull brown tile a solid bright color, as they’ve done on the lifestyle site a Beautiful Mess.

Other popular pins demonstrate more complex painting techniques, where stenciling mimics the look of tile patterns, as shown in the photo above.

Beadboard White Backsplash DIY
A beadboard backsplash is easy to install and instantly brightens your kitchen.Photo by Pinterest

3. Install a Beadboard Backsplash

Beadboard is an inexpensive and easily accessible material that will give your kitchen clean, bright white color. (This backsplash was done for $30 total!) Its white color and clean lines are great for creating an illusion of space in small kitchens, too. It can be installed easily, in one large sheet cut to fit the space of your backsplash. There’s also no need to remove an existing backsplash, since beadboard is relatively lightweight and can be installed with glue or liquid nails over the existing material. And, if you don’t want plain white, it’s easy to paint! Pro tip: If you’re painting your beadboard, use a durable, wipeable paint to make everyday kitchen clean-up easy.

pThis adhesive faketile material creates that subwaytile look at a fraction of the cost.p
This adhesive fake-tile material creates that subway-tile look at a fraction of the cost.

4. Use Peel-and-Stick Tile

Tiles are a classic backsplash material, but you don’t need to go to all that trouble to achieve that look. Peel-and-stick faux tiles eliminate messy and time-consuming grout and tile work, and cut the cost of the project, too. These adhesive faux tiles are heat- and moisture-resistant, and easy to remove if you want to switch up your design in a year or two. You can find them in a clean and simple mock subway tile look on Amazon, in addition to damask patterns and more brightly colored versions.

This faux brick backsplash looks like the real deal, but it’s cheap and super easy to install.Photo by Pinterest

5. Make a Faux-Brick Backsplash

Just like faux tiles, faux brick is a great way to avoid messiness and expense while achieving a surprisingly pulled-together tlook. All you do is attach mock brick paneling, which can be purchased at Home Depot, over an existing backsplash. Since the fake brick is lightweight, installation is easy—it can be attached with liquid nails. The brick paneling is cut to fit the backsplash space and the outlets. To make the brick look more realistic, you can paint over it and even add a slightly distressed finish. One blogger painted her faux-brick backsplash white and distressed it with a damp rag for a rustic whitewashed brick look. Learn how to do this step-by-step at the blog Bless’er House.

DIY Ceiling Tile Metal Backsplash
Tin roofing makes an unusual beautiful and shiny backsplash.Photo by Pinterest

6. Make a Metal Backsplash Out of Roof Tiles

Decorative metal roofing tiles are another great option for an economical and beautiful backsplash. These tin tiles can be purchased inexpensively at Home Depot. They look luxe, but they’re actually affordable and easy to install over existing tile with heavy-duty glue, and easily cover any existing grout lines.

pThis cool backsplash looks like it's made out of wood but it's actually laminate flooringp
This cool backsplash looks like it’s made out of wood, but it’s actually laminate flooring!

7. Make Your Backsplash Out of Laminate Flooring

Pallet walls are trendy right now, but using real wood can be a hassle for instillation, and it’s expensive. Using laminate wood flooring gives a modern and homey look that’s less expensive than tile or real wood, and way easier to install. The flooring is easy to cut and fit to your space, and you can install it using a brad nailer. This version was done for a mere $60. The flooring can be purchased at Home Depot, or on Amazon.

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